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What we check

Syntax validation

Our formal email address syntax validation isn’t 100% RFC, but is acceptable to most popular Email Service Providers

Grammar check

Features Custom Email Service Provider grammar checks (jeremy@gmail.com is not considered to be valid).

Score estimation

Features Domain Name Service (DNS) lookups, Mail Exchanger existence checks and disposability validation.


Vendor-specific canonicalization (jane.doe+friends­@googlemail.com becomes janedoe@gmail.com).

Gibberish detection New

Unique gibberish detection algorithm improves estimation score.

Existence check Coming Soon

Mailbox existence check & user interaction tracking.

Web Form API

Integrate our custom API to your project for real-time email validation.

    $('form').submit(function (event) {
        var email = $('#email').val();
            'https://email.perfectvalidation.com/api/validate/' + encodeURIComponent(email) + '/'
        ).done(function (info) {
            if (info && info.Summary) {
                // you may want to adjust thresholds according to your needs, default is 0.1
                if (info.Summary.validity > 0.1 && info.Summary.deliverability > 0.1) {
                    // the email is valid
                } else {
                    // the email is NOT valid
                     switch (info.Summary.errors[0].code) {
                         case 1: /* email address must contain @ */ break;
                         case 2: /* mailbox is not specified before @ */ break;
                         case 3: /* domain is not specified after @ */ break;
                         case 4: /* invalid domain name */ break;
                         case 5: /* invalid mailbox, see info.Summary.errors[0].message for more details */ break;
            } else {
                // something went wrong during the API request, consider valid
        }).fail(function () {
            // something went wrong during the API request, consider valid

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